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In a world where so many DJs remain focused on one genre, one tempo, and where 'the mix' is more important than the message, they stifle their creative ability and limit the audience to a fraction of the sonic gifts available.

This black and white approach ultimately means you miss out on the incredible music that persists within all the many shades of grey, for us though, this sonic space is important, and it is here where Universal Rhythms will live and thrive.

Our music will...

Make you think, let loose, let go, enjoy, cry, smile, uplift, most of all though, it will make you FEEL...



The Universal Rhythms movement was conceptualised by Dean Anderson and made manifest with brothers, Shukie and Johnny Reckless. 3 DJs with over 100 years’ worth of experience between them.


For us, music, and its ability to convey messages and uplift the spirit, is at the very heart of what we believe.


Everything we do sonically, we approach with sincerity, honesty and love for the art.



We will broadcast diverse and unique music that excites, inspires and moves you.


We will shine a light on the sonic storytellers, the purveyors of multi-dimensional music presentation. Furthermore, we will foster the next generation and give them a global voice alongside more familiar names.

We will be inclusive in our outlook and our practice, and play our part in helping to create a fairer and more equal society.

We will ensure our station is fully representative of the richness, depth and diversity of the global community we broadcast to.

Above all else though... We will play DOPE! music, BELIEVE

Peace & Blessings

Universal Rhythms Team

Director Dean Anderson

Universal Rhythms Music Dean Anderson, Shukran "Shukie" Noorgat

Programmer / Event & Artist Management Amelia Hartwich 

Creative Partners Anika Testini, Yiannis Karipidis

Website & Digital Content Adam Stapleford

Broadcasting around the globe from London and Nottingham

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