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Riviera Waves - Alessio Collina

Alessio started his musical career at the age of 13, approaching the world of DJ'ing through parties organized by friends. He's a House music lover and vinyl addict; His musical route is dynamic and his continuous desire to offer something original has brought him props and respect over the years.


His label Trend Records has released music from a lot of young talented artists alongside masters like Paul Johnson, Ricky Montanari and Paul Cut. The music has been played by artists like Osunlade, Vincent Floyd, Alexander Robotnick, Terry Farley, Ben Sims and Fred P to name a few. Alessio has performed in great clubs around Italy and beyond, including: Berlin, Zurich, Barcelona, London, Tunis and more.

His productions have been played and appreciated by artists like: Jimpster, Kerri Chandler, Dj Sneak, Doc Martin, Honey Dijon, Steve Lawler, Slam and many more. In 2017, Alessio began making music under a new alias: Hill, which also became a label, where he releases exclusively his own material. Hill's music has been played by Secretsundaze, Nachtbraker, Apollonia and Move D to name a few. Alessio use this alias to bring on stage his productions and perform them in a live set composed of drum machines, effects and a MPCs. His versatility makes Alessio a unique artist, constantly in search of innovation, and always ready to surprise.

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