SOuLCiETY - Music is Medicine: Antonio Ocasio

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Antonio Ocasio was born in The Barrio, NYC and raised in the South Bronx where music was alive, soulful and vibrant. During his upbringing Antonio was exposed to Latin, Latin Jazz, Boogaloo, Traditional Puerto Rican Folk Music, Soul, Funk, Rock, Disco, Gospel, Rap and African Rhythms related to the religion of Yoruba.  


There has been two music related, Life Changing Experiences for Antonio. As a young boy he was introduced to the music of Carlos Santana by his brother Freddie and going to The Loft at the age of 17.  


In 1972, he brought his first record “Chakachas – Jungle Fever” He’s been collecting records on vinyl format ever since.  He is the owner of an extensive and comprehensive vinyl record collection. 


In the mid 70’s he managed to get into many of the clubs in NYC including; Latin Times, Bonds International, Inferno, Starship, Electric Circus, Studio 54, Zanzibar, to name a few. However the three main clubs he went to were: The Loft, Garage and The Funhouse. 


On January 1998 Antonio developed and launched his own record label with the primary reason being not to compromise the music he wanted to create and release.  Hence the inception of “TRIBAL WINDS” 


TRIBAL WINDS has attracted the talents of Musicians such as Vinnie Colaiuta feat Herbie Hancock, Boyd, Jarvis, Jephte Guillaume, Annette Taylor, Quentin Harris, Jannae Jordan, Fenix Fantasy, Ana Lucia Perreira, Gabriel Roth & the Mirrors, Erik Moliere, Louie ‘Balo’ Guzman, Antoinette Ocasio, Ludovic Allen, Doruk Ozlen, TAOLA, Christina Ardor, Toshi & Manchild Black to name a few.  


The musical vibrations of Antonio & Tribal Winds thrives off of an infectious breed of raw Afro-Latin Jazz and Deep House Music.  The heavy percussion and conga rhythms naturally speak to Antonio’s Afro-Caribbean Ancestral roots.


In addition to his TRIBAL WINDS label, Antonio’s love and dedication to music has blessed him with opportunities to DJ worldwide.  His years of experience as a Producer and DJ has led to a lethal combination of ingenious musicianship and aspiring productions.  As a prominent storyteller, Antonio pays homage to his upbringing by spinning tales of musical tradition and experience, taking the dancer through peaks and valleys, building anticipation with every turn of the record. 

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