Everything is Everything: Bruce Phillips

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31.07.21 // 4 - 6PM UK

Collecting records since his mid-teens, Bruce Phillips got his start DJing on college radio as a student at Millersville University, which then led to opportunities at venues in surrounding areas where he championed Soul, Funk, Jazz-Funk, and progressive modern grooves, while learning on the fly.


His life’s journey took him to Metro Atlanta in 2015 where he played at venues and events such as The SoundTable, Edgewood Speakeasy, Buteco, and The Grant Park Summer Shade Festival. He is also one of the original members of Atlanta’s premier vinyl DJ crew, WaxFundamentals, who have presided over a monthly residency at JB’s Record Lounge.


Using music to foster greater understanding of the human condition, he has created several mix series, such as Dedication (via They Might Be Taping) and Higher Plane Breeze, and has been featured by Record Breakin’ Music in their Sound Traveler series. His main focus is the music of the African diaspora, such as Black American Classical (Jazz), Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and West African grooves, and transversing further territories whenever his soul calls for it, all in an effort to send a universal message through the universal language of music.

Bruce has been inspired by, and continues to study, many musicians, purveyors of sound, societal & cultural currents of the past and present. Musicians & writers like The Last Poets, John Coltrane, Marcos Valle; DJs such as Theo Parrish, Grandmaster Flowers, Coco Maria, Gilles Peterson, Toshio Matsuura; the writings and speeches of El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz and Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.; anti-colonial movements in Africa, Asia, the Caribbean & Latin America, have all contributed to his worldview. "Everything Is Everything” will serve as a synthesis of these elements, rooted in the lessons of the past, belief in the present, and the hopes of the future.

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