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The Cloud 5 - Cloud 5

The Cloud 5 are a team of DJs, musicians, researchers, archivists and enthusiasts of Brazilian music who have pooled their knowledge and skills in order to present in-depth and no-holes-barred interviews with the legends, both on stage and in the back rooms, who made it all happen. Their aim is to ask the nerdy musical questions the average interviewer might not and to connect the dots in ways that solve old mysteries and make the music come alive. They are made up of Kassin, one of Rio's top producer/musicians; Eduardo Brechó, São Paulo-based leader of the band Aláfia, DJ and seasoned crate-digger; Greg Caz, New York-based DJ, collector, writer and translator; Manoel Filho, Rio-based collector, researcher, music blogger and historian; and João Duprat, Rio-based collector and producer. 

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