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Excursions - Cordell Johnson

Cordell Johnson is considered to be one of the smoothest, most knowledgeable djs in Chicago. He has been spinning records since 1981, his sophomore year in high school, listening to and learning from the city's pioneers, like Farley "Funkin" Keith (later known as "Jackmaster Funk") on WBMX's radio show, and Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy at the Power Plant, the Music Box & COD's. They proved inspirational enough to send him on this nonstop journey in pursuit of his passion for playing out as often and for as long a set as possible. Hearing Cordell is believing.

Cordell currently is working hard providing a movement for dancers and music lovers by encouraging people to take an "Excursion" off the beaten path of music and the usual scene in Chicago. Along with his long time friend James Vincent, they have created that diverse vibe & energy as people from nearly all walks of life come together for a monthly gathering of expression on the dance floor!

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