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Guerilla Science Express - Cullen G

Born in Trinidad, West Indies and raised in culture rich Toronto, Canada, Cullen grew to love the household musical flavours of calypso, soca, ska, reggae, funk, disco and classic rock. He later gravitated to underground dance music via college radio. Artists ranging from Yazz, Talking Heads and Kraftwerk to Afrika Bambaataa, Public Enemy and the Jungle Brothers became the norm on the mix tapes. 


An introduction to 83 West label boss, Tyrone Solomon at the local record shop at age 15 by his older brother was pivotal in the development of Cullen’s Dj journey. Years later Cullen took up residency in Toronto bars and lounges, pushing the trademark New York style house sound.


While playing out Cullen took interest in the production side of music which inevitably led to the launch of Guerilla Science - the production duo of Cullen and good friend and respected selector Kevin Jhagru. The pair went on to deliver multiple remixes and released original works on labels like Eddie Perez’s Mentalinstrum, London imprint Broadcite Music and MoreHouse Records. 

Cullen plays with passion and intention, always pushing a fresh perspective while giving a nod to his past.

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