Davide Elimelech

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David has already been a collector since his childhood. At age 15 this hobby of his has extended to records, when along to his passion to electronic music and obsessive exploration of its roots he started digging for original and rare releases of the music that appealed to him most, house music with all its sub-genres.

After years of both listening and passionately exploring the genre and the culture, and gaining experience as a clubber in the queer scene of Tel Aviv, it was only a matter of short time before he was invited to open a famous underground night as his first gig, which followed him joining as a resident and opening for big Chicago and Detroit house names the following years. Other clubs and promoters couldn’t stay indifferent to his touch and selection, and soon he has established himself as a unique house selector and DJ. He has soon found himself playing regularly in the biggest clubs in Tel Aviv, such as the Block, Alphabet and Breakfast, along with other underground events, alongside house legends and his musical heroes.

Some years have passed by, and along with him building reputation and close relations with the local scene, his outstanding and rare collection of records has grown to become a truly unique selection of rarities and unnoticed gems dug from around the world, and so has his demand from both local and international scenes.


He has played in a number of international locations, spreading his take on the house and its relatives with old school taking a central spot, concentrating on Chicago, Detroit and New York house, with a touch of disco and techno, bowing down to the culture and the origins.

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