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Back & Forth - Deenamic

David Pradera also known as Deenamic is a DJ and Producer from Madrid. He was heavily influenced by the musicians that surrounded his family, and very early on he developed a deep love for music production and a passion in record collecting.


He has been involved in Madrid´s underground music scene since 2002 and experimented during this early stage with many different musical styles. In 2010, while living in London he hooked up with a lifelong D&B producer from the UK who ignited his interest in the soulful sounds of Drum & Bass. In 2012, some of his tracks were released on labels like LTJ Bukem´s Goodlooking Records and Phuzion under his old moniker.


In 2019, already under his new alias Deenamic, he focused on the deep side of House and Brokenbeat and released ‘First Inversion EP’ on Freebeat Records which caught the attention of labels such as Volcov´s Neroli or Visions Recordings where he has released another 4 tracks EP called ‘Out of my mind’ (2020), a 7” special edition or a Various artists compilation (2021).


At present, he is working on a new album and he also hosts a radio show called ’Back & Forth’ on Universal Rhythms where he blends an eclectic mix of his musical influences and explores a wide range of sounds from around the globe. 

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