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Textures & Soundscapes - DJ Righteous

Who is DJ RGHTEOUS?...

'Music is my sanctuary' Gary Bartz


DJ Righteous is a Chicago Native who currently resides in Detroit. He learned at an early age that he wanted to be a “people mover” recognising the power of music to move others. He started collecting and spinning records in 1982. Steeped in healthy doses of WBMX and THE HOT MIX 5; the revered and genre creating; Music Box and Warehouse venues, along with a high velocity of 1980’s Chicago DJ culture, DJ Righteous has been a talented and committed purveyor of the craft. Through his Detroit Diaspora Series, along with Drake Phifer, he has worked and played with industry stalwarts such as Rich Medina, Alton Miller, DJ Kemit, Reggie Dokes, and Duane Powell. He has also rocked sets at different festivals and parties across the country with the likes of Terry Hunter, Mike Dunn, Kai Alce, Glenn Underground, Jihad Muhammad, Rick Wilhite and a host of other A LIST DJs.


DJ Righteous has been able to carve a niche in the underground and local scene with his Unscripted Melodies imprint, forging a following of supporters who love to hear him play his soul stirrin’ musical sermons.

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