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SameAsNeverBefore - EDAMAME

Having lived for more than 8 years in Shanghai, EDAMAME has been pushing for his sound and sticking to what he knows best, spreading his love for music. Throughout his Shanghai chapter, he has spun for exclusive parties where music pioneers such as David Foster, Chaka Khan and Baby Face were attending. He has also brushed shoulders with some of the leading DJ’s of the music industry such as Timmy Regisford, Louie Vega, Osunlade and Kiko Navarro to name a few. To top it off, he was graced to share the stage with another music legend, Tony Allen, drummer and musical director of Africa 77, led by the renowned Fela Kuti.


EDAMAME is currently based in Marrakech, where he continues to share his long sets through two of his events he has created in Shanghai and imported back to Morocco. SOUL SUNDAYS and SOUK of SOUND (SoS) are two experiences where the love of music is at the forefront of the event, pushing for the the art of DJing. During his free time, that same art is also taught to the youth as well as adults through his “atelier DJ” classes given either in groups or one on one. One thing is for sure, DJing is an art form and should be shared to those that embrace it.

“SameAsNeverBefore” curated by EDAMAME.

One crucial thing I have observed during a decade of playing in clubs, residencies in specific venues and hosting music events, one thing is for sure, not one party resembles another. This is due to the simple fact of time and space: That specific moment you are feeling, playing, connecting with your crowd and environment is unique at that precise instance, hence the name SameAsNeverBefore. In this monthly show I will be playing anything and everything that I personally consider as “music with soul”, always taking into account the two variables of time and space.

Thank you for allowing me to share the universal language of music with those that open there hearts and ears to it.
Let the Music do the talking and your emotions do the rest…

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