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Bag of Goodies - Emanuela De Luca & Bobby Mhark

Now operating from Paris, France and Tübingen, Germany they started their adventures 25 years ago in a small basement club in Tübingen. Carefully complemented with international DJs, musicians, and local artists, "Bag of Goodies“ quickly turned into a renowned and well-respected club night being praised as the hottest Monday club south of Bar Rhumba.

Emanuela De Luca and Bobby Mhark are not your typical DJs. For them being DJs is not a final objective, but a means to party, to share music and feelings. A way to give back to the word "party“ in its original meaning since the Latin roots of party is "partire" which means to share. Miles away from inter-continental DJ circuit they prefer to party and to share their music in intimate clubs and at their own "Bag of Goodies“ nights.

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