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Deep Like - Floyd Vader

Floyd Vader is a House/Dance Music DJ, Producer & Musician, currently based in Portland, OR, by way of Virginia Beach, VA and originally born in Messina, Sicily. Growing up, Floyd was raised in a very musically influenced family, which ranged from dancers to musicians. Floyd took up music at an early age, in the form of percussion, adding in guitar & bass, then eventually playing keys. With his signature production style and imprint - "Deep Like..", Floyd draws influence from Afro-Latin, Soulful and Deep Melodic sounds. Floyd grew up a dancer as well, under the influences of many West African dances (Mali, Guinea, Nigeria, Senegal), as well as, in the cultures of Hip Hop/Bboying & Capoeira. This gave Floyd a special connection to the music, and is what brings his focus and intention toward providing infectious energy to your dance floors and spirits.

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