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Supernatural - Go Kiryu

Born in Japan, by the age of 16, Go Kiryu was already getting a lot of attention making cassette tape compilations which were greatly inspired by UK’s Acid Jazz movement such as Jamiroquai, Gilles Peterson’s Talkin’ Loud, and Japan’s Shuya Okino’s Kyoto Jazz Massive. However, it was hearing Mondo Grosso’s “Shuffle H (King St. Club Mix)” that became the key catalyst to widen his scope and set a path to become a DJ, which started professionally in 1996 at club LOOP, in Tokyo. Besides DJing, Go was also on the staff at LOOP producing parties for them. After hearing the hype of Body&SOUL in NY, it made him visit NYC several times and it was those experiences that made him move to NY in 2000. His taste and knowledge of music, along with his key DJ contacts, were quickly recognized and Cisco records in Tokyo hired him to place their music with his American contacts. Soon after, he became a buyer for Manhattan records. At the same time DJ Danny Krivit enlisted him to make the official playlists for his famous 718 Sessions parties & NYC’s legendary Body&SOUL parties. Go was well versed in a wide range of music, which got the attention of Maestro producer Josell Ramos who invited him to play as resident DJ for several of his MAESTRO launch parties. Go was getting to be very well known in the NY underground club scene, he started to DJ a many of the iconic NY parties & clubs, like: 718 Sessions, Body&SOUL, Deep Space, Club-Shelter, Cielo, Crobar, Elsewhere, Exit, Good Room, LeBain, Nublu, Public Records, Santos, Webster Hall, SOB’s etc, and alongside top DJ's & performing artists, such as: François K, Danny Krivit, Joe Claussell, John Morales, Kim Lightfoot, Hector Romero, DJ MKL, Monday Michiru, Alex From Tokyo, Japan’s Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, DJ Nori & Toshiyuki Goto.


"It's no secret I have an extreme love for music, & I feel very fortunate to be surrounded by a group of close friends that share that extreme love, One of these close friends is Go Kiryu. Go has exceptional musical taste & an extremely wide knowledge of all great music. I owe a lot to him, as he regularly is turning me on to wonderful music. This is also one of the reasons, from the very beginning he has always been the official playlist compiler for both 718 SESSIONS & BODY & SOUL. He has also DJ'd @ both 718 SESSIONS & BODY & SOUL... always with a fantastic response. I expect this to be true of anywhere he plays, as Go can really GET DOWN!”

- Danny Krivit

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