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Universal Balearica - Gordon M

Gordon started DJ’ing in 1990 inspired by the growing scene in the musical melting pot that is Manchester. He’s played at Sankey’s and extensively throughout the midlands and London, including Fabric, supporting Denise Johnson. Further afield, he’s played at the Milk Bar in Ibiza championing the Balearic sound which still plays a major part in his musical programming today. He sonic catalogue is broad and extensive taking influence from Café Del Mar to Mancuso, Levan, Gibbons and Siano et al via the Cosmic sound of Baldelli. His sets contain ambient, Balearic soundscapes from labels such as Aficionado, Claremont 56 via funk, jazz and world sounds to the modern disco sound by artists such as Idjut Boys, Ray Mang and Rune Lindbaek.

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