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East Meets West - Jules Brennan

Lifelong vinyl collector & musician/producer Jules Brennan, originally from Yorkshire, UK has now spent almost half his life living in Kyoto, Japan from where a lot of his current musical influences are derived. Since the age of seven, the fuse was lit by vintage Rock n’ Roll. Then he began exploring his Dad’s extensive Jazz record collection & his older brother fed into that with his eclectic cutting edge tastes. The 90s Nottingham music scene also provided fertile ground for his continued vinyl obsession as well as music making. The move to Kyoto with its wealth of little record shops & zen gardens has provided a new focus for him to fuse eastern & western music & to curate his collection of jazzy grooves for DJ ing at cozy locations around the city.

Jules’ recent East meets West music, variously labelled as ‘Oriental Funk’ or ‘Sushi Fusion’ is currently gaining interest in the global underground scene both in the clubs & on the airwaves. This show promises to convey his lifelong passion for music.

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