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Lighthouse Radio - Lighthouse Collective

Lighthouse Radio Lighthouse is a party collective from Stockholm, Sweden. They started out in 2012 when they got together to do an independent party they felt was missing on the Stockholm club scene at the time. A few months and parties later they rented a loft space just outside the city where they threw parties, arranged dance battles, cooked dhal and had a great time there for five years. In the collective different DJ´s has come and gone but three DJ´s has remained the backbone and continues to play Disco, House and Beyond as stated on the invitation to the very first party. They are Rickard Wihlmer, Julian Wareing and Farsta Kalle. The Lighthouse DJ´s has since moved on to play at other independent parties, festivals and club nights mainly in Stockholm but occasionally in other cities too. On the Lighthouse radio show on Universal Rhythms you can expect to hear a reflection of what a Lighthouse night sounds like, but in a radio format. Here they play tunes, not only for the sweaty early hours dancefloor, but to bring a smile to the daily grind. Mainly Disco, some House, always beyond - tune in

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