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Dreamlands - Lorenzo Dewberry

“Dreamlands” - Sonics selected from the heart with the direct intent to: stimulate, elevate & motivate all who take the time to listen. “The mind is time . . The mind is space“

Music selector and music maker based out of the Metro Detroit area. Music has always been very prevalent in my life. Starting as young as I can remember with my family playing the likes of Soul II Soul, Pat Metheny, Naked Music NYC, Swingout Sister, Slave, George Michael thru out the house 24/7 . The List goes on!  As Lorenzo progressed deeper & more involved into the sonics, It evolved into being his “escape” so to speak. A way of slowing down from the back n’ forth, highs & lows of everyday life . . & to take a step into a place of comfort and tranquillity. Always Aiming for that same bliss-fullness and mind freedom in his selections & productions! Forthcoming music to be released in 2021 under the label/moniker; AtmosDew Music.

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