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Too Funky - Patrick Steele 

A passionate music collector, Patrick has been playing on the London music scene since the mid 80’s, where he soon gained a reputation of being a diverse selector. He was a member of the original ‘Confunktion’ Soul collective, playing large underground sell-out parties.


In more recent times, Patrick has worked alongside others such as Mucho Soul, Slave2theVibe and Makin’ Moves and, as well as running his own night called ‘Bring Your Own Vinyl’ (BYOV), has played at nights such as Jazzfunksoul, Househuntin’, Pret A Ecouter and Mi Casa es Su Casa, to name but a few.

Patrick has played at various festivals both at home and abroad, including Soul in the Algarve (Portugal), Vocal Booth (Spain) and at Suncebeat (Croatia). In 2018, Patrick won the Mixcloud listeners choice award for the best soul/funk radio show. In 2019, Patrick made his debut at Spiritland in London’s new Kings Cross Quarter and he is currently a regular selector at the world famous BBE record store.

As Patrick says himself ‘never be afraid to push the musical boundaries.’ He always plays a broad spectrum of music, rooted in soul, but he is happy to progress right through to today's future broken beat and electronica.

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