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Music... It can be one note or a progression of notes.


We communicate through composing or playing and listening to music. It has many uses. It can create a mood, make us dance and cry. It crosses cultures and languages. There are no boundaries. It’s the oldest form of communication. This has always fascinated me. Music is a spiritual journey. This is reflected in the music I make and listen to.


As a musician, I have a passion for creating which comes from a spiritual level. The shows will be a journey from my Colours of the Earth and Red Earth Design vibe, together with exclusive remixed tracks. I’ll also be including various artists who have been an influence on me from Jazz & Ambient to fusion / spiritual house.


Expect the unexpected on this journey, from Ambient to Fusion. Join me in listening and feeling the spiritual vibe.


Paul David Gillman

Music From The Earth - Paul David Gillman

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