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Travellers - Rabii Harnoune & V.B.Kühl

The magic moment happened in 2019, when Rabii Harnoune, a young Moroccan Gnawa Master and V.B.Kühl, a German Bedroom Producer, started to make their first recordings. Rabii played some traditional songs and when V.B.Kühl added his funky beats, a mystical flow started to grow...

Their first album, GNAWA ELECTRIC LAUNE, which was signed to UK label Tru Thoughts Recordings, received incredible feedback from tastemakers around the world. The duo are working with Rabii´s knowledge of Gnawa tradition and combing this with the musical influences of V.B.Kühl, like: Funk, Electronica, Jazz and Hip Hop to find new paths to express their musical feelings.

While V.B. is DJing and buying records for more than 25 years, Rabii started to build a library of favourite music and get more and more into curating and doing mixes. They´re constantly learning from each other and looking forward to traveling through a lot of great sonic landscapes.

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