Human Nature: Roi Azulay

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New York based DJ and producer Roi Azulay has released music for the past four years on the record label Sacred Rhythm Music. His EP’s Togetherness and Liberation represent a tasteful mixture of organic deep house and soulful techno.


Growing up in a rural area of Jerusalem, Roi is influenced by the natural world. His connection to diverse cultures, traditions and sounds have found their way into his music. He spent his early years exploring and collecting music while managing a local record store. Roi then got to DJ in various clubs and was involved in the electronic music scene in Jerusalem.​ His musical production is inspired by world rhythms, jazz and classic house music. With influence from artists like Nina Simone, Herbie Hancock, David Mancuso and Frankie Knuckles. As a producer Roi explores cultural relationships through sound. While he continues on his musical journey, Roi creates a universal connection between all people while giving music its special place in the world.

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