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Soundscapes - SofaTalk

Italian artist SofaTalk draws his inspiration from a melting pot of genres, including house, funk, neo-soul, jazz,  broken beat and downtempo. The one-man project has quickly become one of the most respected and sought- after musicians in contemporary electronic music. He combines these classic influences with more  electronic sounds to form a truly unique style of production. 

Founder of Cognitiva Records, SofaTalk’s sounds can be found on international labels such as Banoffee Pies Records, Yam, Ini Movement, Tusk Wax, Broken District, Omena, Anma & Outplay.

Supported by Fred P, Bradley Zero, Byron The Aquarius, Lefto, Carista, Seb Wildblood, Auntie Flo, AliA, DTM Funk, Paula Tape, Simbad and more.

SofaTalk’s selected discography:

Echoes From The Southern Place incl. K15 Remix  - Anma

Jazz Book - Omena Records

South Side (Mini LP) - Broken District

Fragments EP - incl. Kaidi Tatham rmx - Escapade Recordings

Disquiet - incl. Ad Bourke rmx - Tusk Wax

Organica/Untold Stories - Ten Lovers Music

Diforisma - Cognitiva Records

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