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Playful Visions - Stephane Attias

Stephane Attias' deejaying combines a blend and mix of music that respects the history of dance music.

Playing classics and underground grooves from: Latin Jazz to soul, from boogie/disco to deep house. It is Stephane's aim to share good vibrations and love through the music!


Stephane Attias began DJing at the age of 16, creating a name for himself as a purveyor of soul, funk, hip-hop, house, disco, and boogie. 1996 sees the release of his “First Step EP” on his own label, Chic Records followed by “Listen Luv” which earned much attention from DJs around the world. Following this, Stephane creates a different project with his brother Alex Attias under the name of ATTIAS. Stephane has crafted music for labels such as Laws of Motion, Neroli, Planet E, Rush Hour and after a break of few years he joined forces with his brother to prepare new projects and releases for their record label Visions Recordings and sub label LillyGood Party! the same name they use for their bi-annual parties. Named after a 1990 Robert Owens classic house tune, Visions recordings was established by Alex Attias in 1999. Joined by Stephane in 2016, they are producing and releasing various styles of soulful music from jazz, soul funk, disco to house and beyond. Both vintage and electronic with an edge keeping it underground and deep.


Stephane Attias's selected discography:

Listen Luv – Chic Records

Brazilian Fight Song – Laws of Motion

Distant Planet - Neroli

Program Change – Reincarnation

Analysis – Planet E (Stephane & Alex Attias)

Body Fusion – Visions Recordings

Live Life feat. Xatoné Blacq – Visions Recordings

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