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What We Do - Thomas Cox & Jwan Allen

Thomas Cox has been obsessed with music since he was a child. He has participated in many underground music scenes over the years in his native Pittsburgh, doing everything from making and releasing original music, to working at a variety of legendary record stores, to throwing crazy illegal parties, and more. As a DJ, he is known for playing across genres, always looking for that perfect blend or juxtaposition of styles that will elevate dancers and listeners to a higher level. Keeping his distance from trends, Thomas instead looks for undervalued music and technology from the past and uses them to create something new and exciting from their pieces. 

Jwan Allen was born in New Jersey, and the burgeoning dance music and hiphop of the 70s and 80s had massive influence on him. As a young adult, he moved to Pittsburgh and has since been one of the most powerful forces in shaping the sound of dance music there. Between working at Hypervinyl and being part of the Technoir Audio collective, Jwan’s taste and influence has resonated through the city over the past two decades. While his roots are definitively in techno, his musical tastes are wide and varied, and he likes to mix them up in his own inimitable style that has kept him in high demand. 

Thomas and Jwan have been friends and musical accomplices for many years, and now they come together yet again to show the world What We Do. 

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