Sky Journal - Thomas Xu

Sky journal is composed of moments of joyous dance, deep contemplation, and everything in between. Join Thomas Xu as he curates a selection pulled from the variety of life. BYOSB (Bring your own seatbelts), we’re going places.

Thomas Xu is a Producer and DJ that heads Steady Flight Circle, a record label that releases weird and honest music. His debut, “Roots That Talk”, was a split EP with Julion De’Angelo that was released on Sound Signature. He has been continually releasing music from his first EP, "Different Wisdoms"  to his recent album, "twenties". 


Born in Texas, Raised in **Metro** Detroit, he spent his youth exploring dance cyphers and various gigs around the city. A major turning point was the 2003 Detroit Electronic Music Festival (DEMF). The event presented an alternate reality and had expanded his relationship with music. As affinity grew, his roles within the music scene grew. He went from organizing his own nights, "Content: Drum and Dance" and "Bridging the Groove", to working with a team to plan and execute larger events, such as "Universole", "Music Gallery", and "Roots that Talk". The festival also sparked an interest in record selection and production. In 2004, he started DJing with a childhood friend and learning fundamentals on a set of Stanton STR8-60's and FL studio. After many mishaps and redefinitions, the goal became to present and to deliver that ideal moment via the transmission of sound; with the moments he had experienced at an earlier age in mind. For Thomas, Music has always been a medium to understand the unseen. It has helped him both process and communicate what he could not express in words. It has also presented him with opportunities of growth at every turn. For those reasons and more, he feels the need to put his all into it and feed back. 


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