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Time & Space - Vincent Intrieri

Creating his own vision is what Vincent stands for. As curator and host of Rhythm Nation San Diego the party series, and record label he has made his impact on Southern California and beyond. The formula is simple for Vincent. Play good music, host great DJs, and press timeless music to wax. No gimmicks, just hard work, dedication, and keeping his head to the ground. Make no mistake Vincent is a DJ before anything else.


This work ethic and self-reliance has allowed Vincent to host and play with the Who’s Who of Black American Underground Dance Music Music, such as Glenn Underground, Rick Wilhite, Keith Worthy, Kai Alce, and many more DJs and producers. His sets not only show his range of music, but also his love for getting his fingers dusty. Vincent’s imprint Rhythm Nation San Diego continues to deliver quality over quantity with releases from Argentina’s Sol Ortega, Ricardo Miranda, Loftsoul, and Patrice Scott. Surely there is more to come.


In 2021 post pandemic look for Vincent to remain in his lane DJing eclectic deep sets, curating and hosting more events with exceptional talent, and certainly providing young minority producers an opportunity to have their music showcased. There are no plans for Vincent to relent, as he stays focused and you all stay tuned

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