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Obia Rhythms - Wendel Sield

For Wendel Sield, it all began at a very young age, when he was trying to beat match two tapes with cassette players at home. His family were into music and Wendel was surrounded by jazz, soul and funk, which explains his love for these genres.


When he was 15, he started working on his own music mixes, gathering all the vinyl he could find. Being influenced by jazz, soul and funk, his mixes stood out and some time later he started working on his first release “History of Black People”.


Banoffee Pies Records provided Wendel with the platform to release his first VA record which ended up ‘sold out’ in all vinyl shops across the globe. 

“For me, being a good DJ means taking the time to actually go to a record store, dig for records, create a good track selection and combine this with great mixing skills. Take people on a inner journey and use the music as a tool. If you find yourself in the position to entertain people with your music, make sure to be on top of your game.”

At the moment, Wendel Sield co runs the well respected event 'Our Society' at SHELTER Amsterdam.

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