Legalize Lambada Show: Your Name

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21.07.21 // 4 - 6PM UK

Vedran Stihović (also known as Your Name) is a dj and label owner from Croatia. His formative years were spent in Pula, a small industrial town with great people, a beautiful coastline but a scarce cultural life.
It was the music videos of the early nineties and a progressive local radio station that played a key role in linking him to the culture that would later express his creativity - hip hop. He spent his teenage years shaping his skills in graffiti drawing, break dancing and dj'ing in his fathers garage where his friends and him assembled their first sound systems and light shows with whatever they could find at the local flea market.

When he moved to Zagreb to attain a degree, it was house music that caught his ear. After a few years of digging and mixing he was recognized by Zagreb's finest crews ("Ekstrakt“ and "Confusion“) and was invited to play at their parties. Later on, he and a few close friends formed "Legalize Lambada“, a collective that organised parties focusing on disco and 4x4 oddities with the intention to bring a smile on peoples faces in a time when minimal dullness ruled all dancefloors.

Legalize Lambada evolved into a vinyl only label and that features reworks of forgotten disco gems from all over the world. The releases have been played out by Harvey, Hunee, Lexx.. to name a few. His sets are always a fusion of various styles; from Adriatic and organic soundscapes to gospel and soulful boogie via disco, house and techno.

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